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Obsessed Over Actors Anonymous

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Welcome to the OOAA movement! OOAA (Obsessed Over Actors Anonymous) was founded in late 2003 by two students; Lorraine and Claire. Both girls, realising they shared a passion for stalkerish behaviour towards certain males in celebville, set about organising the OOAA movement as a means of addressing their obsession. Over the years, OOAA grew into a fully working organisation, boasting great days out and unmissable meetings. More recent developments on the OOAA front include the introduction of the OOM sub-division (Obsessed Over Musicians) and also the creation of new words, spoken only by the OOAA people (soon available to all in the OOAA dictionary). Both Lorraine and Claire continue to work hard in spreading the OOAA message and are hoping for world domination very soon. After all, we all have a little OOAA in us! ; P

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